May 12, 2023

Recognizing Mothers & Mental Health Awareness Month

We invite you to support our upstream intervention programming this Mental Health Awareness Month. Women and children of color face increased risk due to the trauma of experiencing domestic violence, evictions, overcrowding, and historical discrimination in housing and income policies, exacerbated by a lack of affordable housing and rental assistance. Subsequently, a majority of women at risk of or experiencing homelessness have complex trauma that thwarts their ability to succeed in the world (and at work) and remain stably housed. Yet, many have not had access to culturally-appropriate mental health care.

The Partnership offers a multi-faceted upstream intervention approach, offering preventative services that empower clients to work toward long-term housing stability. Our mission is homelessness prevention because it is the most humanitarian and cost-effective approach to ending homelessness, and it works. Once our housing program ensures clients keep their homes and do not end up in the shelter system, our mental health and well-being services seek to address the complex trauma our clients endure and thereby stabilize clients in their homes long-term. This better equips them to succeed in further referrals and programming such as employment training and education.

Thanks to your support of our Save Homes Campaign, thousands of women and children – the most commonly affected population – across the five boroughs are safe in their own homes today and are not faced with the crushing experience of homelessness. 

This reality of homelessness is why The Partnership’s Save Homes Campaign is focused on ending homelessness by preventing it. For the cost of one family in shelter, our prevention programming can save the homes of 20 families, and provide them with the foundation to permanently disrupt the intergenerational cycle of homelessness.

Our Save Homes Campaign is three-fold:

  • Housing assistance provides rental and financial assistance, and when necessary, rehousing to protect families surviving, or at risk of, domestic violence.
  • Crisis interventions provide income, food, education, housing and benefits support.
  • Health and well-being services provide individual counseling, group counseling, peer support and skills trainings.

Our multi-year Save Homes Campaign fund makes this work possible and provides an opportunity for all New Yorkers to partner with each other and take collective action to end homelessness. 

Together, our donations can save the homes of thousands of New Yorkers. As you recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, we invite you to contribute what you can to the Save Homes Campaign fund to make homelessness history for all women and children of color in NYC.

Ask friends to support The Partnership.