Save Homes Campaign

An Upstream Intervention to Prevent Homelessness

About The Partnership

The Partnership To End Homelessness FY23-26 strategy leverages our 40 years of experience — from our roots addressing street homelessness to decades of providing housing, employment, health and education services for families — to advance our revised mission:
Ending Homelessness By Preventing It.

This past year, we provided more than 10,000 direct housing, health and crisis services, stabilized more than 2,500 New Yorkers in their homes (at a cost savings of $95M) and partnered with organizations city wide to provide mental health care, food and other emergency services.

The Role of Prevention and the Save Homes Campaign

NYC homelessness is a story about women and children of color, disproportionately hurt by domestic violence, evictions and overcrowding in a city with a dearth of affordable housing and housing assistance.

  • For example, of the 70,000+ New Yorkers currently in shelters, families account for 70% (more than 90% are headed by women), one-third (23,000) are children and 95%+ identify as people of color.

Central to our prevention work is our Save Homes Campaign, an upstream intervention model that combines financial and housing assistance with mental health and well-being services to prevent evictions and keep New Yorkers in their homes (and out of shelters) long term.

This Save Homes model is cost-effective and humanitarian, and it works.

  • Twenty families can be assisted to keep their own homes for the cost of one family in shelter (the per household cost of prevention is $5,000 vs $100,000 for shelter).
  • By addressing the complex trauma that results from clients’ experiences of domestic violence and abuse, the model ends patterns of crisis that put families at repeated risk of homelessness.
  • Prevention also disrupts intergenerational homelessness; keeping families in their homes eliminates school disruptions that result in less than half of all children in shelter graduating from high school and being at a heightened risk of poverty and homelessness as adults with their own children.

The Save Homes Campaign fund was developed by The Partnership to source private support to augment and expand our homelessness prevention services, (including rental and financial assistance, rehousing, crisis, counseling and education services).

The Campaign is designed to:

  • Raise $12 million over three years to prevent homelessness for approximately 6,000 New Yorkers.
    — A fraction of the $252 million it would cost if they end up in the homeless shelter system.
  • Serve as a model of solving homelessness that could be replicated across New York City and State.
  • Support The Partnership’s full payments rental assistance model:
    — In contrast to other rental assistance models, we provide a full rental payments program (open to undocumented New Yorkers), saving clients the time and stress of cobbling together several partial payments from other entities and/or paying back loans.
  • Be available to New Yorkers in need across the five boroughs, most of whom are below 30% AMI.
  • Ensure timely rental arrears payments are made directly to property owners and, in some instances, small cash grants are provided to the household.
  • Support mediations with property owners that secure arrears discounts and/or lease agreements and repairs.
  • Facilitate clients access to The Partnership’s full range of health and well-being programming and trainings, as well as extensive referrals to ongoing work and health supports.

You can partner with us to prevent homelessness for thousands more of our city neighbors by supporting the Save Homes Campaign fund and availing of our Corporate Sponsorship opportunities.

Partner With Us

Our method of achieving our mission is by working in partnership as we believe it takes bringing together the wisdom and resources of all sectors to permanently end homelessness in NYC. You can partner with us to prevent homelessness for thousands more of our city neighbors by supporting the Save Homes Campaign fund and availing of our Corporate Sponsorship opportunities ranging from $10,000 to $500,000.

For more information, please email savehomes@thepartnershipnyc.org or call 212.645.3444.

Thank you for your partnership to end homelessness for all New Yorkers!

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At the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, we know that a stable and affordable home is the foundation from which individuals, families and communities grow and flourish. But we also know that, for many New Yorkers, the risk of losing that stable foundation has worsened in recent years. The Partnership To End Homelessness’ Save Homes Campaign is an extraordinary, innovative, and effective approach to ending homelessness before it begins. We are thrilled to be able to support The Partnership in this vital effort to help keep New Yorkers in their homes and that stable foundation in place.”

— José R. González, President and CEO of FHLBNY




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