December 14, 2023

Thank you for preventing homelessness this year

Your impact on homelessness is best articulated by Guadalupe, who wrote this message to our supporters: 

“It means the world to me that you saved my place where I live and made sure my children are safe in our home. Thank you so much for caring and giving with your donations. You are angels in this world.” 

Thanks to you and supporters like the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York and Trinity Church Wall Street, The Partnership’s Save Homes Campaign provided more than 5,000 direct services and saved homes for 3,000 New Yorkers this past year.

Thank you for understanding that the most cost-effective and humanitarian way to end homelessness is to step in before it happens and prevent families from losing their homes.  

You allowed us to step in with housing assistance for New Yorkers facing imminent evictions and then provide mental health services to address the trauma many endure, stabilizing them in their homes long-term. 

By supporting families to keep their homes, you also lessened the number of people showing up to shelters — saving millions in public dollars — and increased smaller landlords’ ability to meet mortgage payments and keep apartments in the housing market, further driving overall community well-being. 

Throughout 2023, homelessness in NYC worsened. In addition to the housing needs of new migrants, the end of COVID-era protections and resumption of housing court proceedings coincided with surging rents and lower wages to drive more people into, or to the brink of, homelessness.  

Today, as a record 90,000 New Yorkers (including 33,000 children) are in shelters, more than 440,000 households (including 350,000 children) are in rental arrears and at risk of homelessness. While this crisis is daunting, the solution is clear; the average per household arrears of $3,300 is a fraction of the $100,000 per household cost of shelter. The most impactful and cost-effective step to ending homelessness is preventing it.  

Tonight, as you put your key in your door and step into the relief and happiness of your own home, take 10 seconds to imagine the sense and feeling of not having it, and consider joining us again to give the gift of home to one other person in the city for 2024.  

If you can, make a gift today and donate to our Save Homes Campaign

Thank you for partnering with us and our network of supporters to end homelessness. Happy New Year.

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