Photo credit: Lorenzo Donvito

August 5, 2022

White House Summit addressed National Gains in Lasting Eviction Prevention Reform

This week, the White House hosted a Summit on Eviction Prevention Policy to review successes and future plans for preventing home displacement. This summit was especially timely as we near the end of the American Rescue Plan, which initiated the first-ever national model for eviction prevention. The plan addressed short-term eviction prevention efforts and established the first-ever national model for eviction prevention.

The facts and data presented at the Summit demonstrated the success of a prevention-first approach to homelessness and were a testament to the potential long-term success of fully funding eviction intervention programs.

Now, in the wake of eviction moratoria and the evaporation of the federal emergency rental assistance funding – as more than half a million New Yorkers grapple with rental arrears, family shelter numbers are again rising and thousands more are in housing court proceedings and on the brink of homelessness – the need for rental assistance and eviction prevention funding could not be clearer.

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