Church Saves Homes to break the cycle of mass homelessness
November 2, 2023

Church Saves Homes to break the cycle of mass homelessness

Trinity Church Wall Street has generously donated $250,000 to support The Partnership To End Homelessness’ Save Homes Campaign. The campaign aims to increase the footprint of homelessness prevention work in New York City, and serve as a model of solving homelessness that could be replicated across New York City and State.

“Trinity Church Wall Street is proud to support The Partnership’s Save Homes Campaign for a second year to continue upstream homelessness prevention services and increase the organization’s capacity to provide mental health and wellness support” said Damy Almonte of Trinity Church Wall Street.

We are proud to partner with Trinity Church Wall Street for whom Social Justice is a core value and foundational to their mission to build neighborhoods, generations of faithful leadership and financial capacity. Trinity Church aims to break the cycles of mass incarceration, mass homelessness and housing instability in New York City, through direct outreach work, advocacy, speaking in the pulpit and in public and through philanthropy. They actively seek to transform their neighborhood by changing systems, organizational structures and attitudes for racial justice and lasting change.

“We are so grateful for Trinity Church’s support. At a time when more than 1 million New Yorkers, including almost 350,000 children, are in arrears and at risk of homelessness, Trinity Church is directly saving homes and exemplifying that prevention is the way to end modern mass homelessness” said Áine Duggan, President and CEO of The Partnership To End Homelessness.

Thanks to Trinity Church Wall Street, The Partnership can increase our work to end homelessness by preventing it through our Save Homes Campaign.

About The Partnership

The Partnership To End Homelessness’ values — compassion, inclusion, integrity, professionalism and social justice — steer our strategy, decision-making and operations as we work to achieve our mission of ending homelessness by preventing it.

More than 1 million New Yorkers in 440,000 households — including 350,000 children — have average rental arrears of $3,300. More than two thirds of people at risk are women and children of color, most of whom are surviving violence and abuse. The total cost of saving their homes is $1.45B in contrast to the more than $40B the City and State would spend if they lose their homes and end up in the homeless shelter system.

Our Save Homes Campaign is an upstream intervention model that combines financial and housing assistance with mental health and well-being services to prevent evictions and keep New Yorkers in their homes (and out of shelters) long term. Our housing program — which provides rental and financial assistance — addresses immediate crises and ensures our clients keep their homes. Thereafter, our mental health and well-being services address the complex trauma our clients endure, providing culturally-appropriate mental health care to stabilize clients in their homes long-term.

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