Credits: Lorenzo Donvito

November 16, 2021

Homelessness: Changing the Narrative — Soledad O’Brien & Áine Duggan in Conversation

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers could lose their homes in the coming months through evictions brought on by the loss of jobs and livelihoods amid the pandemic. These are people we all know – our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family members. The face of homelessness in our city is all of us.

Soledad O’Brien, award-winning documentarian, journalist, speaker and author, recently sat down with Áine Duggan, The Partnership’s President and CEO, to discuss the core assumptions and misconceptions about homelessness, its disproportionate impact on women and children of color – and how prevention is the best way to solve homelessness.

Their conversation is part of our new series entitled Homelessness: Changing the Narrative, which encourages everyone – from regular New Yorkers to those shaping housing, education, and homelessness policy – to look anew at a problem that is, at its heart, solvable.

We invite you to listen in on these conversations as they reveal the urgency in investing in prevention to end homelessness.

Myth: Homelessness is intractable.
The Partnership’s Take: To solve homelessness, we have to believe that homelessness is solvable. (3:57)
Myth: Eviction prevention costs too much.
The Partnership’s Take: Preventing homelessness is cheaper than housing a family in the NYC shelter system. (3:20)
Myth: Government is leading support efforts for homelessness during COVID-19.
The Partnership’s Take: Private individuals have been highly empathetic and generous during COVID-19. (2:35)
Watch the full conversation between Soledad O’Brien and Áine Duggan. (22:00)

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