Credits: Lorenzo Donvito

December 28, 2022

Thank You for Saving Homes this Year

Thanks to you, this past year has been one of impact, innovation and change for The Partnership. 

Thanks to your compassion and support, we provided more than 10,000 direct housing, health and crisis services, stabilized 2,500 New Yorkers in their homes at a cost savings of almost 100 Million to the City and State, provided support services to 16 mental health providers reaching 3,500 individuals and partnered with emergency food programs to provide 380,000 meals to New Yorkers at risk of hunger. 

Your generosity prevented homelessness and provided a solid foundation primarily for women and children of color, who account for the majority (85%) of our clients, and undocumented immigrants, who account for almost one-third of our clients. Thank you. 

Thanks to journalists and thought leaders, Lisa Ling and Soledad O’Brien, we launched our public awareness initiative to highlight that prevention can solve homelessness and advance racial and gender equity. This video series demonstrates that prevention is more cost-effective than allowing homelessness to happen, and that homelessness is a story about women and children of color disproportionately hurt by domestic violence, evictions and overcrowding in a city with a dearth of affordable housing and housing assistance. 

Thanks to our clients and Board, on foot of a two-year prevention experiment and an assessment of client need and citywide services, we changed our mission and set a FY23-26 strategy that redefines our role to be a homelessness prevention organization. In tandem, we officially changed our organizational name to become The Partnership To End Homelessness.

Thanks to major and institutional donors, like the Federal Home Loan Bank, New York, we launched the Save Homes Fund, a multi-year campaign to fuel our prevention work by raising $12M to save the homes of 6,000 New Yorkers, at a cost savings of $228M. 

As the year draws to a close and FY23 begins, we invite and welcome the partnership of all who can support the Save Homes Fund. We are honored to continue working on your behalf to save the homes of thousands more of our New York City neighbors and prevent homelessness. 

If you can, please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation, generously ensuring that New Yorkers are able to stay safely in their homes through the coming year.  

Thank you for your partnership, and happy new year!

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