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March 28, 2022

The Partnership for the Homeless Announces New Name

The Partnership To End Homelessness

Name evolution reflects the organization’s strategy of ending homelessness by preventing it

(New York, NY)— March 28, 2022, The Partnership for the Homeless announced a new name, The Partnership To End Homelessness, to better reflect the organization’s mission of ending homelessness by preventing it.

“The Partnership To End Homelessness name reflects a new organizational strategy to expand our prevention work,” Andrew Crawford, Secretary of the Board of The Partnership, said. “This strategy, that homelessness can be ended by preventing it, is anchored by The Partnership’s four decades of experience.”

“Because homelessness disproportionately hurts, and leaves behind, women and children of color, we seek to inspire a citywide approach to homelessness that is designed to prevent rather than triage the problem,” Áine Duggan, President and CEO of The Partnership, explained in the announcement. “The time is now to correct this inequity and set and achieve the goal of making NYC a place that guarantees safe, affordable housing for all its residents.”

You can read the full announcement here.

Amid the pandemic, the organization’s work was more important than ever, as thousands of New Yorkers turned to The Partnership for support to avoid evictions. Last year, the nonprofit’s prevention work stopped homelessness in its tracks for ten thousand New Yorkers.

“Our focus now is to expand our rental and financial assistance in tandem with our housing stabilization programming to reach even more New Yorkers who are on the brink of homelessness, and prevent it from becoming their experience,” Duggan added. “And, with a story-based approach, we seek to change the narrative on this issue and showcase prevention as the model for ending homelessness that could be implemented far beyond The Partnership.”

The new name retains “The Partnership“ to reflect the organization’s way of working with clients and their families. It also expresses an approach of partnering with government agencies, tenants, property owners, non-profits, corporations and foundations, which underscores that solving homelessness cannot be done by one group or one sector alone.

To End Homelessness emphasizes the organization’s vision that homelessness can and should be ended in New York City. The new name also better reflects The Partnership’s broad base of clients who include New Yorkers at risk of, experiencing and/or recovering from homelessness, and highlights that homelessness is a preventable economic experience, not an identity marker.

The Partnership To End Homelessness supports clients by providing:

  • Housing and eviction prevention programming – including rental and financial assistance, legal referrals, property owner mediation, tenant education and supports and relocation services when necessary to ensure safety in cases of domestic violence.
  • Crisis intervention – including access to the benefits for which clients are eligible, such as income supports, legal services, housing vouchers, and emergency shelter and food.
  • Health and well-being – including culturally-appropriate and trauma-informed individual counseling, facilitated group counseling and peer support groups.
  • Education access – including family supports to keep children housed and intervening to ensure families in shelter receive placements near their children’ schools to disrupt intergenerational homelessness.
  • Changing the public narrative – including advocacy, public education and media partnerships to illustrate homelessness as a preventable public health crisis that is primarily hurting women and children of color.

To read The Partnership’s full announcement and learn more about the organization and its programs, visit https://partnershiptoendhomelessness.org/the-partnership-is-evolving-our-name-to-end-homelessness/.

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