September 24, 2021

The Partnership in the News

Áine Duggan, The Partnership to End Homelessness President and CEO, commented in City Limits on the findings that families with children now spend nearly 18 months on average in Department of Homeless Services (DHS) shelters—two and half months longer than the previous fiscal year, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s annual management report. 

The data highlights the importance of ongoing eviction protections and emergency rental assistance for keeping people in their homes and staving off a surge in new shelter admissions, she said.

“The overall number is coming down, but it’s coming down because of the moratorium,” Duggan said. “Evictions are one of the main feeders into the shelter system, but placements are slow and shelter stays are longer. What that tells us is that if the moratorium ends, you’ll see the shelter population will balloon at the front end of the system and balloon for years to come because it’s taking longer to get people out.”